Monthly Archives: October 2011

Hurry Up and Wait

It’s kind of weird that we tried to have a baby by ourselves for an entire year and now that we’re going through all of this testing to find out what’s wrong, it feels like things are moving so fast. I suppose that part of it is that instead of going about our daily life and having it in the background is totally different than having to actively work on things and go to appointments to make things happen. It’s more than just going to bed at night and doing what comes naturally and hoping for results, it’s working other people and procedures into the process and it makes it all seem really…weird. I’m sure I overuse that word, but I have to say, on my list of all the things that I was worried about when it came to having a baby, this was definitely not even in my top fifty. It really never occurred to me that we might not have all the materials necessary to make this happen.

Anyway, Jon has had a battery of tests this week. He had more bloodwork, another semen analysis, a physical exam of the area and a trans-rectal ultrasound to check things out. We also found out that he tested positive for one gene mutation for cystic fibrosis.  Apparently if I also tested positive the odds are stronger that we could pass it on and have a child with CF, so I had to be tested too. Fortunately, I tested negative.

I feel bad that Jon has to endure all this testing. I know that it’s necessary to figure out how to get to sperm and from there get to children, but I feel like he’s being put through a lot. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem too put out and has a great sense of humor about things. We went out to dinner the night of his appointment and as we stood waiting for a table he whispered “I bet NO ONE in here has had a camera up their butt today!”

So, at least we’re still laughing :o) It makes me feel like things will all work out in the end.