Monthly Archives: November 2011

Surgery on the Schedule

We have Jon’s surgery officially on the schedule for January. Obviously, we’re not really looking forward to it, but we’re looking forward to the results. It’s kind of a weird process. He goes in for the surgery, they extract and package up what they find and I have to drive it over to another hospital for analysis and storage and then I have to drive back across Boston to get Jon. Soo…that should be interesting, right? I get to drive around town with sperm in my car? Awesome. Hopefully I don’t get into an accident. That would be tough to explain.

In the meantime, we’ve had more bloodwork, I’ve gone in for karyotype blood tests, a full panel CF test, Jon went in to see if there’s a 2nd mutation that we should be worried about. There’s been a lot of blood.

Also, we’ve been looking into our health insurance policies to find out what’s covered in the way of IVF. In looking at my health insurance, it says that nothing is covered for infertility treatments, but when I read about the laws, it says that Massachusetts is a state in which infertility coverage is mandated and necessary, so I’m not sure why my policy reads that nothing is covered. I’ll have to call and ask about that.

Jon’s healthcare coverage, while more expensive, DOES cover IVF. In fact, it says that there’s an unlimited lifetime maximum for IVF, GIFT, ZIFT. That’s fantastic! And, the enrollment period ends next week, so we’re doing this at exactly the right time. Wow..I can’t believe how closely that worked out – timing wise.


ETA: Apparently my insurance doesn’t have to cover infertility treatments because it’s self-funded and not underwritten by an outside company. So they don’t have to adhere to the state laws on what has to be covered. Ok then, well I guess it’s good we have an option! Onto Jon’s health insurance I go!