Monthly Archives: December 2011

My Beautiful Uterus

Just got back from my office hysteroscopy. Apparently this is a mock-transfer and mimics what would happen when they transferred an embryo during IVF. They just check to make sure that my uterus is straight with no polyps, fissions, fibroids or scar tissue that might get in the way or make things more difficult.

It lasted exactly 30 seconds, felt absolutely fine and then I went home with the knowledge that I have a beautiful uterus 🙂 Straight with nothing in it, just as expected. It was nice to hear good news for once!

Honestly, the transfer is not the part of IVF that sounds so difficult, I’m more worried about the needles. Apparently I would have to give myself an injection every single day and the last one, the day before the transfer is a large needle for an injection that must be intermuscular. A SHOT INTO MY MUSCLE. My husband passed out while we were talking about surgery on his testicles and does not like having blood taken, how is he going to inject me with a 2 inch needle???

I guess this is probably counting chickens before they’re hatched, so there’s no point in talking about it, but I’m concerned. It’s on the radar.