Devil’s in the Details

I will be the first to admit that I am not a big picture girl. Or rather, I see the big picture, I am just infinitely more concerned with all the little details that it takes to get to the goal. I am a small picture girl. I am a day-to-day, what-needs-to-be-done-right-now, oh-my-God-there-is-so-much-to-do-panic! kind of girl.

During this process, the details have killed me. I am not worried about the actual IUI itself in the slightest but everything leading up to it has been a huge pain in the ass.

All of the things that concern me most stem from the fact that I have totally wonky cycles. They’re all over the place. Over the past 15 cycles they have been anywhere from 30 to 46 days long. I have ovulated on day 19, I have ovulated on day 36. There’s no consistency at all (except that my luteal phase is generally 10 or 11 days).

When normal people order sperm from a sperm bank, they order it to arrive the week when they’re going to ovulate and when they do they bring it to their doctor’s office, have the IUI and then ship the tank back to the bank. The tanks with the liquid nitrogen are good for 7 days. If you know about when you’re going to ovulate then that’s plenty of time. You know when to have it arrive at your house. Not me. A 7 day window doesn’t even begin to cover it if it could be day 19 or day 36. That’s a two and a half week difference..

So the first problem we faced was…when do we order it. Our options apparently were 1) have it overnighted for roughly a million dollars. This however wasn’t an option for us since our bank can’t assure us they’ll have a tank available if we call the day before we need it. 2) find someone to refill the liquid nitrogen after 7 days 3) find somewhere local to store it 4) guess.

We went with option 3. So we bought 3 vials and brought it over to the local cryobank. No problem, right? Except now I have no idea how to handle weekends between days 19 and 36. They’re closed on weekends. So do I take it out on Friday, hold it for 7 days and then return it? (By the by, taking it out is $75 each time. Putting it back in is another $75.) I don’t like it,  but honestly, I don’t know how to get around it. I literally cannot figure out how to handle this.  We haven’t been able to figure out where to get liquid nitrogen refilled…

And lest you think I’m not doing due diligence in paying attention to my cycles..I have been using cheapie internet OPKs for over a year and I was gifted a ClearBlue Fertility Monitor which I’m using for the first time this cycle. In their instructions it says that I’ll get 2-5 “high” fertility readings before getting 2 “peak” readings (at the first one I’d call and schedule the IUI for the next day). But then I read online that some people were getting 2 WEEKS of “high” readings the first time they used the monitor. So far I have 3 High readings, so we’ll see how many I end up with, but I’m nervous. Hopefully as I use it more it “gets to know me” better, but for this first cycle I don’t 100% trust it. I’m using the cheapie OPK’s as a backup. And I’ve scheduled to pick up the vial on Friday.

I’m hoping my body just gives me a break and I get the positive/peak reading sometime between Friday and next Thursday before I have to bring the vial back to the bank for $75. And then take it out again for another $75 sometime between the next day and a week and a half later. The bank will think I’m a crazy person and it will be expensive.

THIS is why I cannot see the big picture and am instead blinded by the stupid little details that get us there. I might worry about the IUI itself or, hell HAVING A BABY once I can figure out when and how to get the sperm to the appointment at the appropriate time..whenever that happens to be.


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