Lets Do Everything! All at Once!

Soo..in typical “us” fashion, we are clearly biting off more than we can chew at this point in time.

But, lets start at the beginning with things, shall we? Today is CD21, this morning the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor gave me my 8th day of HIGH fertility readings, but still no LH surge detected on the monitor or the internet cheapie OPKs. The tank that I took out of the cryobank on Friday with thoughts that I might O over the weekend is due back on Thursday. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do if I don’t O before Wednesday (for an IUI on Thursday). Do I take it back to the bank and ask them to recharge the liquid nitrogen for another 7 days (at possibly $50 tank prep fee) or are they going to make me put the vial back into my account ($75) and then remove it again ($125)?  I’ll have to call and ask, but it’s causing me stress. I don’t know how I’d manage all this stuff if I didn’t work at home.

So, there’s that (which I guess is actually no news at all technically). And then there’s what we did with ourselves all weekend and that is decide to put our house on the market and get started on buying a house, not a 3 floor townhouse style condo aka the baby deathtrap. We’ve been talking about how we both wanted to transition to a house in the next couple of years and where we wanted to go based on Jon’s commute and staying sort of in between both of our parents. Jon had been emailing with the real estate agent from whom we bought our condo and set up a meeting with him. So Real Estate Man came over on Saturday morning, took a walk through the house to refresh his memory and then we sat down and he said that if we did some decluttering and he could come in and take some pictures during the week then we could be holding our first open house by Sunday. Woah.

(Not our actual home)

We got to work decluttering but in the process of bringing some bins into the basement I stepped onto an area rug and it went “squish” beneath my feet. Um. Awesome. Apparently our furnace pump decided that the very same day we decide to list our house would be a great time to stop working and spew water all over the floor. SO we had to stop the decluttering and get on Servicemagic.com to find an HVAC person to come out and help us. We pressed the button to submit our request and literally 15 seconds later our phone rang and it was one of the technicians. He offered to come out the same day and take a look at it.

So in the meantime we got back to work. Jon decluttered while I sanded/spackled/painted some spots in the stairwell that were cracked. We boxed, we scrubbed, we hauled an area rug outside only to find the world’s grossest centipede living in it…things like that.

Now this week is filled with furnace guy coming over, real estate guy coming over, a day with my mom & sister in the middle of it, possibly an IUI if I ever O again and more cleaning before a possible open house on Sunday.



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