Ah, new experiences..

It’s weird being in the 2ww (for those not “in the know” so far as internet lingo goes, that’s the 2 week wait after conception to see if the process took..). This is my first 2ww ever and I thought I’d be more stressed, analyzing every twinge and ache but in reality I just feel calm.

For the first time in weeks, there is nothing to worry about. It is all out of my hands (and in my uterus..) and whatever is going to happen is already working away in there. I don’t have to think about vials or tanks or timing or testing every day. For a blissful two weeks, it’s all over and I just wait. I can just BE. How nice.

In the meantime, we’ve had a couple more house showings and another one tomorrow. So that seems to be going as well as any first week on the market could be. Hopefully we’ll get an offer soon. Saturday we’re going to check out a group of houses to the west/north with our realtor’s dad (um, sure..whatever..that’s not weird, right?) and we have a group of houses south that we want to see. Onward and upward!


About youmesomeoneelse

A pretty normal couple working their way down the winding and sometimes weird road to having a family

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