Phantom Symptoms That Just Aren’t There

Since I had the IUI 8 days ago, I have been super aware of the goings-on inside my body. I have been vigilantly waiting to see if I feel anything either way. Regardless of the fact that I am 99.7% sure this cycle failed, I have been checking in with myself to see if I’m feeling anything new or weird. Because of the fact that I spend a lot of quiet time with myself (working at home alone, almost never falling right to sleep etc..) I would say that I am prone to phantom symptoms…but this time?


I mean nothing at all. My luteal phase is normally 9-12 days and I am 8 days in and I feel less than I normally do at this time in the cycle. If I had to swing one way or another I’d say I feel like I could get my period in a few days and not be surprised (because that’s what is supposed to happen…), but other than that…nothing is happening at all. No cramps of any kind, my boobs are the normal size, color and don’t feel odd in any way, my stomach is settled and I am not nauseous, thirstier than normal or radically mood-changey.

Is it possible I have been so in tune with the possibility of phantom symptoms that I scared them away?


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