Ah Cycle #1, We Barely Knew Ye…

…ok, that’s not really true. We knew cycle #1 very well. Because it was 39 days long. *sigh*
And while it was Cycle #1 of IUI’s, it was really Cycle 17 since we started trying. So that’s fun. It’s nice to look at this list and realize it takes up more than half of a sheet of paper. While I’m not even a little surprised that this cycle didn’t take, it’s still a little annoying because it was SO LONG.  IUI doesn’t want to take? Fine! But could it not take in under 30 days? Just once? That would be awesome. This was the longest cycle I’ve had since last June so I was kind of hoping we had turned a corner on the 39-46 day cycle lengths. Apparently not the case.

I’m going into this cycle having one under my belt though and that’s good for my peace of mind I think. I’m not quite as worried about getting the vial out of the storage place and what will happen if I need it refilled, I just need to plan for the weekends and that is do-able.

Also in the news, we had our second open house this weekend and we’re waiting to hear if maybe someone would like to buy our place. While we had to be out of the house anyway we went to 10 open houses ourselves and drove by 2 or 3 others that were on our list to check out just to see the neighborhoods. We saw our dream home in a town that is too far north to be an option and we’ve come to realize that the two northern towns that are on our list are not near anyone we know. And while it would be good for Jon’s commute it would be really crappy for our social lives. So we crossed kind of a big hurdle I think..we narrowed down our town list by  5 towns and are refocusing our efforts on towns that are going to keep us closer to my family and all our friends. That dream home is gorgeous, it’s just in the wrong place. We did a lot of driving yesterday but we learned a lot and I think we’re making a good decision. I feel very at peace with things.


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