So…how are you guys doin’?

It’s a lot easier to write and vent and give updates when there are actually things going on.

– We are only 11 days into Cycle #2, so really nothing going on there. In case you’re just joining us, nothing happened last cycle until day 26/27.  So we have a ways to go there. Pretty status quo at the moment.

– Our house has been on the market for a month now and we’ve received one ridiculously low offer and that’s about it. BUT we did bury a St. Joseph statue last week, so hopefully that will help. Even Jon in all his Jewish-ness loudly proclaimed while we were burying it that, much like the Cowardly Lion, he “do believe. I do I do I do I do believe!” I think St. Joseph might have heard him because we got our crazy low offer the next day. Thanks Joe, keep working on it. It’s only been a month and everything on in our area took about 2 months to sell, so we’re just being impatient. We’re really not in a rush to sell and we can wait until we get the right offer. Even if we take it off the market and try again next year, that’s fine too.

Everything else is just…fine. Nothing exciting going on. I think I need something else to take up my time. Maybe I’ll take another cooking class or something. It feels weird that less than a month ago I was the most stressed that I have probably ever been and now I feel like I need something else on which to focus. Obviously, there’s a good chance that I’ll never say that phrase again after things start happening in both the aforementioned arenas, but for now….  For the first time since we found out something was actually really wrong in September I feel like I can focus on something else, learn something else, move on from this enormous new reality that kind of swallowed our lives for 6 months. I don’t know why but it sometimes felt so hard to both LIVE and deal with the infertility issues. Now, instead of life feeling like… holding your breath? kind of? I finally feel like I can do something else with these situations as a supporting actress in our lives instead of the main and winning antagonist.

How’s that for mixed metaphors? Similes. Stupid English degree.

What’s goin’ on with you?


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A pretty normal couple working their way down the winding and sometimes weird road to having a family

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