It figures

It figures that the day after I say the words “nothing much is going on or changing” everything ends up changing. Well, not everything. But enough to keep things interesting and in flux.

On Wednesday of last week while we were out to dinner for my husband’s birthday, we finally got an offer on our house that we were comfortable accepting. We negotiated up a little bit and it was a done deal (well, pending inspection and appraisal etc etc). We had the inspection this weekend and because it’s a 4 year old brand new construction home, everything was fine and we’re moving on. We expect to have a P & S agreement to sign soon and their only contingency was a 6 week closing. So we have to be out of here by May 30th. Which is only humorous because we’re supposed to leave for Baltimore for a long weekend on May 31st. So, sometime before that we have to pack up suitcases, pack up our cars and figure out what we’re going to do with ourselves.

We have looked at 100+ houses online and visited 20+ in person and we’ve only seen 1 that has that unique combination of all the things we’re looking for. It has a wide open kitchen, a dining room, decent sized bedrooms and closets, enough bathrooms, a finished basement, 2 car garage, lovely landscaping and a great backyard (I didn’t originally want a pool but this one has a lovely in-ground pool that is well fenced off as well as enough room in the backyard besides the pool, so I’m ok with it). It’s at the end of a lovely cul-de-sac surrounded by other adorable houses. I want this house. I want it bad.

So we put in an offer on Saturday. They had an open house Sunday. Sunday night they said no to our offer but counter offered, dropping their price by $5k. An hour later we said no, but went up $5k from where we were.

Monday morning they said no, wrote a 3 paragraph letter about how great their house is and went down another $5k. We responded by coming up $10k.

It’s now late Tuesday afternoon and we still haven’t heard anything. If they drop another $5k, we’ll be in the middle and we’ll be ok with that. It’s still more that we want to pay, but we’re pretty sure it’s going to appraise at less than what we’re buying it for at which point either we would have to pay the difference or the seller would have to drop a little to make it work out. Their house is just way over priced for what’s on the market and what the house has to offer and they’re being stubborn and annoying. If they don’t negotiate with us then they’re going to have to start this long drawn out dance with someone else before they realize that they’re not going to get what they’re asking.  I just want them to sell us their stupid house already.

Even if they do sell us their stupid house, they can’t close until the end of June. So that leaves us the entire month of June up in the air. The week we get back from Baltimore we could stay with his parents maybe. Then we were thinking that if it’s just a month, maybe we could stay in an extended-stay hotel but that would run us somewhere from $2,600 to $3,800. That seems like a lot! I think that if it’s just a month, we should just suck it up and stay with his parents a week, maybe our friend Kris’ for a week, maybe split up and I can go stay with my mom for a week…stay with friends over the weekend, etc. If we don’t get this house, and we’re up in the air for longer than a month then I think we have to figure out where to rent a furnished apartment.

But we won’t know if we need to do that until we hear back from this place. OMG. KILLING ME.


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