When planning is impossible.

Last week I figured that I’d get in touch with our banking cryobank on Thursday and pick up a vial on Friday just in case things things happened over the weekend. It would be good for 7 days before I’d have to get it recharged for an extra $50 and that would be right around the time I ovulated last cycle. Good to go! I thought. Great planning! I thought.

Instead, when I woke up Thursday I got a positive OPK and a “peak” reading on the Fertility Monitor. So IUI #2 had to happen on Friday at 9am. Unfortunately the cyrobank doesn’t open until 9am so I couldn’t give them 24 hours notice, I had to pick it up Thursday afternoon…for an extra $100 “same day” fee. *sigh* I cannot win.

Friday morning I got another positive OPK and another “peak” reading on the monitor so I went into the IUI feeling pretty good. This time it was a different nurse and it was pretty much the most uncomfortable rooting around in my vagina of all time. She rattled the speculum so much it felt like she was putting up scaffolding in there. And every tiny thing she had to describe to me in great detail as she was doing it.

Hey, you know what? The first IUI took 5 minutes. The dude talked about the weather, stuck the catheter up there, put the sperm where it was supposed to go and that was that. He didn’t talk about every single move and he didn’t rattle a metal object around so much it practically echoed. Good God.

Anyhoo-ha. I’m now 6 days past IUI and again, I feel totally fine. My boobs don’t hurt, I’m not nauseous and in general I just feel normal. So I’m assuming that things didn’t work again. Which is a bummer because I felt like the timing this time was way better based on the OPKs/monitor readings. I know it’s only been 2 cycles but I’m already getting impatient. I want something to work and I’d like it to work now. I want to move on to medicated cycles but my RE wants to stay the course with unmedicated cycles. Which is easy for her to say because she’s not the one paying $650 per vial o’ sperm that doesn’t work.

I’m just cranky in general though I guess because we have so much going on. The closing on our condo is at the end of the month and we’re away for 4 days next weekend and we’re rapidly running out of time to pack.

Then we’re transient for a month until we close on the new house. We only close on the new house IF the appraisal comes in where we need it to. So I’m a little stressed about just about everything.


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