IUI #3..the wait begins

So I never actually updated with how things went on the Clomid. My apologies to dedicated readers of this blog but I was caught up on a wave of crazy and couldn’t get off.

I took the pills CD 5-9 and felt fine. For some ridiculous reason, I thought that was it. I thought to myself “Hey! Finished the pills and I feel great! Why would anyone complain about this? It was nothing!”

And I just kept on thinking that until CDs 12-16. Then it was nothing but hot flashes, exhaustion and crying jags. We had to finish packing up our house over Memorial Day weekend and Jon had to build in “crying breaks” for me. If he did a good job, we were on the couch when one hit. If he mistimed things or God-forbid was in another room when my face started to get red I ended up crying in the middle of whatever I was doing. And yes, I was a little sad about selling our first real home, but still…I’m a big girl, I can PACK without freaking out. It was just kind of ridiculous. At times it almost felt like an out-of-body experience. I could hear myself and feel myself crying but I had no real connection to why I was crying or why I was being such a psycho. I’m sure Jon was not sad when we parted ways to go live at our parents for a few days while we’re in between houses for the month.

Yesterday I got a positive OPK, called, scheduled the IUI for 8:30 this morning and the rest of the day I could just feel my ovaries. I was nauseous, the area was painful when I touched it and if I moved the wrong way it felt like my ovary was going to fall out. Not an egg from my ovary, the WHOLE ovary.

Suffice to say, I would prefer not to do another cycle of Clomid. And I’m pretty sure that it would be Jon’s preference as well.

This morning, Jon met me at the doctor’s office for the IUI and it went pretty smoothly (for those keeping track, IUI #1 was awesome, quick and painless. IUI #2 was long, drawn out and rattle-y. This one was somewhere in the middle, quick but a little uncomfortable). I think she was a little rough with the speculum, but at least she didn’t explain everything in excruciating detail and rattle things around down there. While we were waiting the recommended 15 minutes before leaving, Jon was using the vagina lamp as a microphone and interviewing me about how I felt and after one of the questions he bent it too fast and HIT ME IN THE MOUTH WITH IT. BLEGGGHGHEHEGH!!!!!! But I was simultaneously laughing so hard and trying to accurately describe how disgusted I was and it was just ridiculous.  Hopefully they clean those things.

The woman who did the IUI today also told me that if Clomid was not my friend then next cycle we could try injectibles instead which have far fewer side effects. They’re not the huge intra-muscular needles, just the little subcutaneous ones so I think I could get on that train. I would prefer not to spend an entire week scaring the bejesus out of my husband.

So if this doesn’t work out, we’ll go that route. We’re also thinking that if this cycle doesn’t take we’ll also pick a new donor. We bought three vials and used our last one this cycle, so maybe we should just give someone else’s sperm a try? Can’t hurt right? We do want to stick with the same bank though.

The 2 week wait begins today!


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