Now you’re just screwing with me…right?

This is the cycle I lose my mind. My RE was right (STILL CONDESCENDING…but right..) and this is the month that I totally freak out.

I have been tracking for 19 cycles.  In all of those cycles, my luteal phase (time from ovulation/IUI to the next period) has been from 9-12 days. The last 4 cycles have been 12 days.

WHY OH WHY THEN has my body decided that on 14 days past IUI to still not have my period?

“Ohhh!! You must be pregnant!” you coo at me.. But you would be wrong. And annoying for cooing. Every test I have taken, including the one 5 minutes ago, has been negative. I have some very faint spotting and feel like my period is coming any moment. In fact, I know that as soon as I pick up the phone and call my RE for a blood test I will get my period the same hour. I KNOW this is the case.

I feel like my body is literally daring me to make that phone call so it can then make me look stupid by having to call back and say “Hey, nevermind, I found it. Order up the Clomid!”


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