My directionless cycle

So, this cycle, probably because of my “losing it” last time, we’re doing some monitoring. Today, CD 11 I went in for a transvaginal ultrasound.

It wasn’t my first ever so I knew what to expect, but it’s still funny when the technician hands you the wand.

Anyway. Apparently I have 2 dominant follicles but they want me to come back on Wed, CD 13 for another ultrasound. I honestly don’t even know what happens after that. No one has told me if we’re doing anything but watching them and how that will help things. Are we going to do a triggering shot, which my RE already told me she thinks is overkill? Are we just watching things do what they normally would with no intervention except looking? I have no idea. Good protocol, huh? Nothing like going in for ultrasounds with no actual idea of why.

To be fair, I am definitely Clomid-cranky. I don’t know if that’s a term, but it certainly should be. Between the crankiness, the hot flashes and the fact that my husband is in Japan for 2 weeks, I am kind of a pain in the ass. Which I suppose isn’t really different from the last 2 or 3 weeks.

Ugh. Tough times, kids. Tough times.

I am trying extremely hard not to be bitter. That is probably another entry all to itself.


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