Kind of freaking out

Went in this morning (CD13) for the 2nd ultrasound. Apparently I had follicles at 24mm and the nurse thought I would ovulate today or tomorrow. I tested this morning and the OPK was negative, and I haven’t gotten a positive any earlier than CD 18, so that sounded crazy to me.

My RE called me back just now and she wants me to do a trigger shot of HCG/Novarel tonight and come in for IUI# 5 on Friday morning.

While this is great and exactly what I wanted to hear, I’m kind of freaking out. Ok, not kind of. A lot. I am a lot freaking out. My husband is traveling for work until Saturday, he’s been gone for 2 weeks. I have to do this stuff by myself and I’m nervous. While I watched my dad give himself countless insulin injections growing up, I’ve never given myself an injection of any kind.

Luckily I have a great best friend who has taken this shot before and so I’m going to go over there and do it under someone else’s watchful eye. Because me sitting in a house alone with a syringe aimed at my stomach does not sound like something that’s going to end well.


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  1. I’m like you but I made myself do it for moments like these.. its scary but when its over you’ll say “oh, that wasn’t so bad after all” Good luck!

  2. I’m sure after the first time it won’t be as big of a deal, but at the moment, the prospect of doing this first one all by myself is just freaking me out. Stressed!

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