A Stronger Approach

We are officially 10 days past IUI and I feel fine. No different at all, nothing strange happening and all signs point to this cycle being failure #5. Trust me, I’d love to be wrong, but I really don’t think I am. 

The plan, as I stated before, was that we were going to move onto injectibles with IUI. The more I ruminated on that decision the angrier I got. We have 2 vials left in storage before we have to buy more and I’m sick of wasting time and money on these IUIs that clearly aren’t working. It made me angry that my RE compared it to playing the lottery with 12-15% odds. “With those odds, if you lost 5 times you wouldn’t be mad about it, right? You’d keep playing!”

No. I wouldn’t. I would stop throwing money at terrible odds and try something that would actually work. So, that’s what I decided to do. After barely sleeping last night, I called my RE’s office and left the message that we don’t want to continue with the injectibles/IUI course, we want to move to the end game and start IVF. 

I feel like 5 failed IUIs is enough to endure. I know other people do this eight, ten times but I don’t know how. I’ve had enough. And if I’m going to give myself injections either way, I’d like to be doing something with better odds than 12-15%. 

The office called back and said they had to call and clear it with insurance and then talk to my RE to make sure she approved, but I know that Jon’s insurance covers unlimited infertility treatments (and trust me, I feel so so thankful for this every single day) and our RE said she’d back whatever decision we made, so..this should happen. 

I can’t let the fear of 1 big needle deter us from moving on to IVF and I think a lot of my initial agreement to the injectibles/IUI was based on that. I’m still concerned about the intramuscular shot but my husband will actually be home this time and assuming he doesn’t faint, should be able to do it. Hopefully. 

So I’m feeling better. I’m glad that this decision has been made and I feel a new rush of optimism. Now this cycle just has to end so we can move on. 


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  1. I completely agree with you! I’m surprised you were able to do 5 IUI’s, I would’ve given up before that. Good for you! Keep us posted.

    • I definitely will! I think now that 5 IUIs was a mistake but my RE kept saying things like “there’s really no indication that anything is wrong” and I think I was just being a good patient as opposed to thinking about what we really wanted. I feel good about the IVF decision. Thanks! :o)

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