Shots! Shots! Shots!

Unfortunately not the fun delicious kind.

I am officially 8 days into daily shots. Every day between 5-9am I stab myself in the stomach with a small needle and inject 10 units of Lupron. I’m sure everyone is wondering how it’s going :p

Because I am a little spoiled, every morning Jon wakes up way earlier than I do so he gets the needle all ready and filled and brings it up to bed, I jab myself and then hand him the needle and go back to sleep while he goes off to work.

It has really not been as bad as I expected. SHOCKING, I know. The jabbing itself is not as hard as I anticipated. The first needle took me about 4 minutes to work up to it and then I realized that it really does not take as much pressure as I thought to get the tiny needle in. The next 7 have gone pretty smoothly although for some reason while my left side is totally fine, my right side has 3 small black and blues. I have no idea what I’m doing differently on that side but it looks ridiculous.

As for side effects, I have had a couple of hot flashes and a few REALLY CRANKY moments. Once when I had to schlep 4 peoples worth of shit around in the rain while those 4 people ran a 5k and the others have just been random and probably unnecessary. I get the feeling that Jon thinks my cranky/bratty moments are funny, so apparently the side effects are not really as awful as I imagined they would be. In general, I feel fine. Some pangs in the ovary-area every once in a while but that’s about it.

Next up: I am supposed to have bloodwork/baseline ultrasound on Saturday but my paperwork says that if I don’t have my period by then I’m supposed to call and I assume that it will be pushed back. I do not have my period nor do I feel like I am about to get it so I assume it will be rescheduled. Which sucks a little because I was hoping that it would happen, Jon would be able to come and then we’d happily move on to Lupron shots in the morning and Gonal-F shots at night and move this little train along.

If the baseline ultrasound/bloodwork get moved back then it will probably fall while Jon is in Poland for a week. So I will be both lonely and cranky. Although I might be able to convince my sister to make me homemade mac & cheese to make up for it, so I got that going for me…


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