My Ovary is Where?

After 12 days of Lupron, I had my baseline ultrasound and blood work this morning.

Because Jon was heading to Poland later in the day he joined me to witness the joy of a transvaginal ultrasound first hand. Good times as a couple I tell you. GOOD. TIMES.

While she was doing the ultrasound she found 8 follicles between 5-10mm and 5 follicles under 5mm on the right hand side and then went to the left which is where things got a little uncomfortable. Finally the tech said that the reason it was so difficult was because my left ovary was behind my uterus.

This whole thing is a learning process, but I had literally no idea that that was possible.  Apparently they move around in there. Who knew? (Ok, fine, probably every rational woman on earth besides me knows that. but the tech was nice about it when I concernedly asked “Oh God! Is that normal??”)

Anyway. The results were that I haven’t gotten my period yet, my lining is still thick and my progesterone levels are still elevated so I just stay on the Lupron for a couple more days and go back for another baseline ultrasound & blood work on Wednesday.

No progress, but I learned something today.


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