Three and a Half Hours

I seriously have to wait three and a half hours until Jon can stab me with this huge f’ing trigger shot.

I got the call earlier that I can trigger tonight for an egg retrieval on Sunday. But my trigger shot time is 11pm (sidebar, on Fridays we are almost always asleep at like, 9:30 for some weird reason so Jon will be stabbing me while sleepy. Awesome.).

Like everything in this process, I’m worried about him getting it in the muscle. My nurse this morning drew a little circle bullseye for him, but I’m still worried. And I have to sit and think about how I’m worried for another 3.5 hours. Ick.


….I guess my previous entry about not complaining/having grace during this process just went right out the window, huh? Good lord.


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A pretty normal couple working their way down the winding and sometimes weird road to having a family

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  1. This is a long process & a big deal & I think your handling it all very well! Just stay positive although that may be challenging at times but it’ll happen.. then we’ll all be complianing about how pregnancy aches & pains suck.. lol keep your head up & continue to keep us posted 🙂

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