Monthly Archives: January 2013

Prepping for FET #1

So, I took a month off.

We had our WTF appointment with our RE and she just basically said that we move on. That I produced gorgeous eggs, produced great looking 5 day embies and that we just keep going through the 8 we have. She gave us the option of putting in two embryos but said we had a high chance of twins.  She said that because of how hard this has been she assumed we would go with two.

We are NOT going with two. After everything else, we are wary of the challenges that carrying twins brings. So we’re just going to transfer one embryo.

So far, it’s been pretty easy. I had to wait until I got my period again (um, 40 days. So annoying.) and then it was just blood and then onto 3 Estrace pills in the morning and at night for 14ish days. No big deal at all.  I went in this morning for blood & ultrasound and I guess the next step is starting intramuscular PIO (progesterone-in-oil) shots every night until & after the transfer which I think will be either the end of the week or beginning of next week.

I’m not THRILLED about having to do a intramuscular shot every single night for 2+ weeks but on the upside Jon did a great job when he did the trigger shot before the ER, so that’s promising.

Overall the FET process has not been that bad so far. I feel fine, not bloaty and cranky like the IVF cycle. My only hope is that if this DOESN’T work, we can just start again when I get my period and we don’t have to wait through a whole natural cycle and THEN start. If we’re controlling the cycle chemically anyway, what’s the difference if the WTF appointment is just going to be so our RE can tell us “sorry it didn’t work, lets do the exact same thing again!”

Anyway. Thanks for checking in here, I just needed a break to regroup. IVF wrecked me and I needed the cycle off this time. It was nice to have the holidays “off” so to speak. By the end of 2012 I was just done. Now I feel at least a little bit rejuvenated. A little more wary, a little older and a little more tired, but ready to keep going. Lets see if we can make 2013 a little bit better.