Knocking on Wood

Today was 12 days past the FET and I went in for my first blood test this morning.

Honestly, I had already been testing at home since 5 days past, so I was hoping that I already knew what to expect. The blood test confirmed, pregnant!! My first beta was 226 and I go back Wednesday to see if it is doubling/growing appropriately.

My day 5-9 Wondfo tests looked like this:

So it was really really faint on 5 & 6 days past. A little darker on days 7 & 8 and even darker on day 9. That made me a little hopeful at least that the blood test would go well. Hopefully the follow-up on Wednesday goes well too.

Honestly, if the tests weren’t positive I don’t think I would even know. I feel completely fine, which of course, worries me. Ridiculous. But now that I’ve put that out into the universe, I’m sure I’ll start vomiting immediately.

The FET cycle has really been a cakewalk comparatively speaking. Tiny estrogen pills morning and night and a couple of weeks of PIO shots. Up until the last few days even the PIO shots have been fine and Jon was doing a great job with them. About 4 or 5 days ago though I started getting raised, itchy, burning lumps at each injection site. Yesterday was the worst. I could barely sit or lay down. This morning I asked the nurse if it was possible to just switch back to Crinone and she took a look and said it looks like I’ve developed an allergy to it and she’ll ask my RE about switching.

Crinone is kind of gross in its own rite, but at least it’s not painful. Both sides of your ass itching like crazy is not a good look. Luckily I work at home, I can’t imagine dealing with this in business casual dress pants..

Anyway. I still don’t really feel like it’s real. I’m not throwing up, nothing really hurts and even though I’m looking at and hearing positive test results, I think I’m in a little bit of denial. Fingers crossed for an even better number on Wednesday and that things all go smoothly now that there’s actually something growing in there!


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  1. Kudos to you!!! This is great news! Keep positive! Don’t drive yourself crazy either.. there’s no MUST FEEL LIKE CRAP rule during pregnancy anyway, especially this early.. keep a clear head. keep us posted pls! 😉

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