5w and final beta numbers

For those wondering how it went today:


* Beta #1 (12dp5dt) – Monday, Feb 4 – 226
* Beta #2 (14dp5dt) – Wednesday, Feb 6 – 623
* Beta #3 (16dp5dt) – Friday, Feb 8 – 1452

So..that’s pretty awesome. AND I don’t have to drive 40 minutes each way for a 30 second blood draw anymore. That’s almost even more awesome. The nurse said the beta numbers were gorgeous and I go back on Feb 25th for an ultrasound and a meeting with our RE. 

*big sigh* Now to just enjoy the snow day and relax. And drink all the water. I have never been so thirsty in my life. I’m also eating citrus like it’s going out of style and my hips are tingling. Not the muscles, the SKIN. I don’t know if I can literally feel my hips getting bigger or if this is some side effect but it’s really annoying.

Check in later this week with an update 🙂 Thanks for everyone who has been reading and pulling for me, I really appreciate it! 


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A pretty normal couple working their way down the winding and sometimes weird road to having a family

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  1. Yayayayay!! So very happy for you 🙂

  2. Just checking in. Hope everything is going ok…

    Thinking of you!

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