So typical. Finally get pregnant, completely stop blogging.

Honestly though, if I had been blogging the last..ouch, two months, whoops…it would all be pretty boring.

Today marks 13w6d and not all that much is going on. Weeks 6-8 I felt kind of crappy. I was nauseous but not vomiting, Some smells made me gaggy (steamed broccoli? Ohmigod stop) and I was a little tired but had insane insomnia.

I went to Vegas with my husband and sister around week 8 and 9 and had a great time, no issues. Went to Prague around week 11 with no problems, felt fine, walked around the whole city and enjoyed most of it except for the extreme cold.

Went in for blood & ultrasound for Integrated Screening at 12w4d (last week) and everything went well. The NT scan showed no measurements that were of concern for Downs syndrome and I just have to go in next week for the 2nd half of a blood test to see if any other hormonal changes indicate any concern for other chromosomal issues.

Overall, I feel totally normal. I’m sleeping better, have no lingering nausea or sickness, had a (TMI) run with some serious constipation but we’ve conquered that. I’ve gained no weight and have no bump. I am actually fitting into SMALLER jeans than I was at 8 weeks which is awesome. I think because I am feeling so good and normal that I was convinced something would be wrong at the ultrasound so when we actually saw it moving around with all its limbs and a heartbeat and a brain I had a small freakout…it was a “Holy shit, it’s IN there and it’s MOVING and it’s going to have to COME OUT” moment.

I guess I’ll start doing weekly check-ins just to track how things go from here. I assume now that we’re in the 2nd tri things will start happening body-wise? And of course I feel like we have a million things to do around here as well. Should be interesting!


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A pretty normal couple working their way down the winding and sometimes weird road to having a family

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  1. I am so excited for you. I was following along on your journey and after my own IVF struggle/path, it turns out that I am exactly one day ahead of you with my 1st pregnancy

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